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Would you like FREE leads in your area from this site which had over 3,000 hits and 2,200 visitors in May 2016 from people looking for a man and van service.


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Normal Cost Of Leads

  1. Pay a percentage of the price you charge the customer, generally 10%. On average between £20 to £30. Just 4 jobs a month = minimum £80.
  2. Take a page on this website for your area for a flat fee of £10 a week. = £43 a month

Our Charge To You For Leads

– £8.00

We will not ask you for any money in any way or form, quite the reverse, we will help you put money back in your pocket by making sure you save money when you buy fuel. (Or everyday shopping)


The criteria:Yesco_Petrol_Sign



You purchase £400 of fuel (or everyday shopping) a month from either Tesco or Morrisons. (You recieve 2% cashback – as cash = minimum £8 saving every month)


This is the minimum amount you will save, it is possible to fill up your tank without paying a penny!

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If you are happy to do this we’ll make sure you get leads in your area without charge and without costs. Everything is free and cost free and simple to get started.

Get Started or Questions

Email Stuart at 

or call/text 0797 131 6550

with your contact telephone number and home town. Also include any questions you may have.

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