Legal Services

Legal Service

For Business

Protect your business and save money from expensive legal battles down the road, without having to pay premium rates for a lawyer’s time.

Whether you are building your website and need a new privacy policy or dealing with sales contracts you can use Legal For Business.

You have access to over 100 different legal documents and can draft or change each document an unlimited number of times. Your documents can then be checked by a solicitor and sent back to you within two working days.

Legal For Business








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24-7 Legal Advice When You Need It

24-7 expert advice on any legal concern by a qualified legal team. Get any business legal issue explained in simple English.

Document Review

Send your finished legal documents for review to a team of solicitors to ensure everything is compliant.

Legal Fro Business. Watch the video

Legal Service

for Personal and Family

Write your own legal documents. Without knowing the law.

Legal Docs makes it easy for anybody to write professional legal documents from Wills to Tenancy Agreements from the comfort of their own home.

Using Legal Docs could not be easier: just answer a series of questions and your legal document writes itself. Once complete, you have your own bespoke document and the same level of reassurance that you would get from going to a law firm.

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Watch your documents write themselves.

Every lawyer asks a series of questions and then brings in a set of clauses to form a legal document. We’ve automated this so you can become your own lawyer.

  1. Answer a series of questions
  2. Advice pops up next to every question
  3. You can save anytime and update later
  4. Export to Word or print
  5. Edit whenever you need to make changes
  6. Upgrade to Legal Docs + and a lawyer will check over your finished documents








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Find Out MoreAffiliate Scheme

Help others by introducing them to Lyfeclub and earn commission.

Lyfeclub is transforming the legal market by providing a new way to manage your legal affairs without having to pay expensive solicitors’ fees. This means that almost everyone you know can benefit from the services Lyfeclub offers abd people like you and me can be rewarded for introducing these services to our friends and connections.

The founder of Lyfeclub has an achievable ambition which will make people like you and me a lot of money. This is not idle talk – he’s done it before, only this time, WE CAN BE IN AT THE START!

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How can I make money?

The way it works is that for a one time recommendation you can make money for the lifetime of the customer you have introduced. You earn 15% of the first £100 of sales you make, 20% of everything between £100-250 and 25% on everything over £250 per month.