Lyoness Friendship Bonus

Here’s How You Can Earn £2,860 by helping your family and friends save money on shopping they already do!


Lyoness Friendship BonusStart using Lyoness to save money on your everyday shopping or to reduce the cost of your diesel or petrol and EARN EXTRA CASH by helping others do the same.

As a Lyoness member you can get paid a “friendship bonus” when the friends and family you have introduced to Lyoness also save money via Lyoness. This friendship bonus is also paid on the spend of indirect members as well.


The friendship bonus is just the very tip of the Lyoness reward plan. One of the top earners in Lyoness UK, with an income in excess of £20,000 a month earns less than £250 a month by way of friendship bonus! The remainder is through the other 9 parts of the plan.

Friendship Bonus Example

Lyoness rewards both its customers and marketers with a friendship bonus of 0.5% of the spend of the customers they introduce both personally and indirectly.

For example if you introduce 10 customers who each spend £100 a week on food or fuel through Lyoness Merchants you will recieve a friendship bonus of 10 x £100 x 0.5% x 52 = £260 for the year.

If these 10 members do the same and introduce 10 new customers each who also spend £100 on their shopping they will recieve their personal friendship bonus and YOU WILL RECEIVE 100 x £100 x 0.5% = £2,600 for the year. TOTAL £2.860 for showing a few people how to save money when they buy what they were going to buy in the first place anyway.

If you shop at Morrisons or Tesco you can save with Lyoness and STILL EARN AND KEEP YOUR CLUBCARD POINTS ETC. 


  1. Please note the above is just an example
  2. This is NOT MLM (see here)

How about using this “extra” cash to treat yourself to an all inclusive holiday in Barbados, travelling business class and booking through Expedia, one of Lyoness Merchants!

Expedia off er Lyoness Members 2% cash back and 1.5 shopping points (click for example)
Expedia off er Lyoness Members 2% cash back and 1.5 shopping points (Click for example)

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