Man and Van in Watford

Man and Van in Watford

Man and Van Watford outside Big Yellow Storage Watford

Outside Big Yellow Storage Watford

Looking for a reliable, friendly and economical Man and Van in Watford? We’ll help you move just a few boxes or the contents of a whole house or flat, to or from Watford, Rickmansworth, Bushey or anywhere on Hertfordshire to or from anywhere in the UK.

Keeping Your Costs Down

Our rates are based mainly on the time we spend helping you move, so the better prepared you are the quicker we’ll move you and the lower your costs.

Hire the van with a driver. We supply the driver, the van and tools such as a sack barrow and dolly and the van has a side door and tail lift at the rear. Everything to make your move as easy and stress free as possible.

No Minimum Charge

Unlike some other man and van firms we do not have a minimum charge, but to be fair to you we will estimate the time your job is likely to take and set aside this time solely for you.

For example, if we feel your job will take 2 hours we will set aside this time for you and not take any conflicting bookings. We will charge you for two hours and any time over the two hours will be pro rata at the current rate.

In addition to these rates we apply a mileage charges and congestion or toll fees if applicable and may also add a specialty charge if your move involves such things as extra heavy items, difficult access or carriage to upper floors without the use of a lift.

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Top Money Saving Tip

Prepare  for your move well in advance by packing correctly. It will pay you to buy boxes to store or transport your belongings in because, not only are they easier to move but they can be stacked in the van and loaded and unloaded quicker. 2 or 3 boxes will fit onto the sack barrows, again making it quicker and safer.

Things you are not likely to use for a couple of weeks prior to moving can be packed in advance and placed ready to be moved in the corner of a living room on the ground floor, rather than on a bedroom. Again saving time on the moving day.

Boxes and packing material can be bought online (see “Packing Boxes” ad above) or bought and collected from Big Yellow in Watford.

Q & A – Man and Van in Watford

Man and Van Watford Q   You promote your service here as man and van in Watford, does this mean you are based in Watford?

A   Yes, the business is listed with Google in Google Places: Kingsfield Road, Oxhey, Watford.

Q   How long have you been trading?

A   As a local man and van service in Watford for over 4 years

Q  What area do you normally collect from?

A   Usually from Watford, Bushey and Rickmansworth, but we are happy to collect and deliver anywhere in North and West London and all of Herts. We also do a lot of work in Essex

Q  How do you calculate your rates?

A  Every job is different but we aim to be fair to our customers and look for recommendations so we base our rates on the time spent help you move plus a mileage fee.

Q   So when does the timing start?

A   We start timing from arrival at the pick up (moving from) address

Q   Is there a minimum charge?

A   No, we do not make a minimum charge.

Q   Why do you use a Luton Van?

  The reason we use a Luton van is because the inside height is higher than a transit for example. This means we can transport fridge-freezer in an upright position as we can with wardrobes etc. The van also has a tail lift and side door which makes moving you easier.

Q   What sort of jobs do you do?

  All sorts, from house clearance and disposing of the contents in the best way, such as when possible taking re-usable items to local charity shops and other jobs which may be collecting flat pack furniture from stores, and then assembling it for the customer.

Q  Do you work weekends?

A  Yes, weekends and evenings and not only that, we do not charge extra for weekend or evening work Comments for Man and Van in Watford are open and we welcome reviews and comments from customers. Please let us know how you found the service by using the form below. Links –

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