Office Removal Companies In London

Office Removal Companies In London

If you are searching for office removal companies in London your concerns will be minimising the time your office is out of action, hiring a careful and reliable removal firm and the costs involved.

Keeping Your Customers and Clients Happy

Your priority when appointing a firm and choosing from a list of office removal companies in London will be to ensure the company you choose works with you to inconvenience your clients and customers as little as possible.

Careful and advance planning will help to keep your customers happy. Visitors to you will obviously need to know when to cease calling at your current premises and when to start visiting you at your new address. If your business depends upon clients attending your offices you might consider a weekend move.

Smaller office removal companies in London will normally be happy to oblige and we can help you find such firms. Not only that but many companies do not charge extra for weekend work.

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You no doubt put a great deal of thought into why a move was necessary, where to move to and when to move. This will have been done in advance and likewise you can prepare for the actual moving day by packing seldom used items well in advance. Other items in daily use will need to be packed and whilst this may have to be done on the day you can have packing material ready and labeled beforehand.

As early as possible arrange for your choice of office removal companies in London to supply you with the packing material you need. Or make a start yourself by buying what you need from Amazon.

Office Move Checklist

Big or small move – appoint an office move project manager. Someone who will compile a detailed checklist of tasks and will make the appropriate arrangements and see to it that they are completed satisfactorily.

3 Months Prior

Identify changes required at the new premises (decor, carpets, new equipment etc)

Identify items at existing premises to be sold or disposed of and act accordingly as soon as possible.

2 Months Prior

Pack unused files and arrange for storage or set aside for the moving date.

Identify new equipment and order for delivery to new premises.

Establish moving regulations with management companies at both the old and new premises.

Arrange quotes from office removal companies in London and book in advance.

Check your office insurance for good in transit insurance and confirm with your removal firm that they have adequate insurance for all items and equipment.

2 Weeks Prior

Organise new office layout, prepare labels, boxes and packing material.

1 Week Prior

Pack and label boxes and furniture.

Moving Day

Work with your removal company ensuring everything has been moved and no damage has occurred.

The above checklist is a simple guide, you know your circumstances and your guide should be as detailed as possible.

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