Rent a Van in Watford

Rent a Van in Watford

If you wish to rent a van in Watford we offer an alternative to self drive hire which may save you money and time.

Fixed Price – £19 an Hour

Book us to help you move and you’ll know exactly how much you will be paying in advance. We charge for the time used at £19 for a full hour and £5 for every 15 minutes (or part of).

When you rent a van in Watford you do have options and before following the traditional van hire route you may wish to consider how we may help you. The illustration below may help you make up your mind.

Rent a Van in Watford

Our Vehicle Rent a Van in Watford with a tail lift

We supply a Ford Transit Luton Van with a tail lift which means moving your contents or belongings is easy. Heavy items can be moved to the rear or the van using our heavy duty sack barrow which can take 200 kgs weight and the tail lift can support up to 500 kgs.

St Albans Car and Van Hire offer a comprehensive car and van hire service and have been established since 1975. To see the full range of services visit their website. “St Albans Car and Van Hire where you can rent a tipper, minibus, lorry and even a car transporter. We also supply bubble wrap, boxes, sack barrows, straps, rope and even a sat. nav. In fact, everything you need to move house or transport goods.” 

Our Sack Barrow 

Rent a Van in Watford Sack BarrowWe supply a sack barrow as standard to help you move and can supply boxes and bubble wrap at an extra charge if required.

 “As the years roll on it is all the more important to think carefully before lifting and handling. This barrow is very easy to move from one mode to another. Wheels fit together with minimum of effort and the broad pneumatic tyres are easy to inflate. altogether a great bit of kit!”


Our Terms

Call us to help you move. We charge for the time spent with you starting from the moment we arrive at your pick up address to the time the last item is unloaded from the van. Our rates are £19 a hour and £5 per 15 minutes or part of 15 minutes. For example if we spend one hour 20 minutes the time charge would be £19 plus £10. Total £29.00

We supply a van and driver but DO NOT assist with any carrying or lifting. If you wish the driver to help with loading and unloading or a van and two men to help you move the charges are £35 and £45 an hour respectively.

Rent a Van in Watford No Fuel Worries

In much the same way as you will need to ensure you provide fuel when you hire and drive a van yourself, we also make a mileage charge for the return journeys between the pick up address and the delivery address.  The difference here is that you can forget about getting to a garage to put fuel in the tank or trying to judge the minimum amount to get the job done.


Rent a Van in Watford quote

Phone or Text – Stuart, for a Quote or a chat to discuss your move

07773 18 15 10

(It can help if you have the postcodes for both pick up and delivery addresses)


Finally, searching for a better way to rent a van in Watford our alternative to self drive hire may not only save you money, but also the time normally taken to collect a hired van and return it, especially if you are moving some distance away from Watford.

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