Use Of Hire a Man and Van Website


1. Generate enquiries and leads for Members via organic searches and other web based tools through a powerful fully SEO website

      • listing page on
      • additional Google Places listing linked to a (above)
      • £50 to £75 FREE Google Adwords set-up and promo.
      • stand alone website (optional) – i.e. (not live)

2. To create a national network of Members who may freely pass work to one another. examples –

      • use of Twitter to advertise long distance removals and seek back trip work
      • rather than decline work find another Member able to oblige, i.e. customer moving from Member’s town to Member X’s town, Member X happy to take the job although the collection point is in Member A’s town.
      • agree to pass enquiries onto a neighboring Member when on holiday etc.

3. Offer Members bulk buying opportunities such as

      • cheaper GIT, PL and van insurance
      • packaging


A Member means an individual or company who wishes to be listed for their town on the website and agrees in principle to the above objectives.

There is no contract other than to meet a weekly payment of £5.00 (or £10 per week including a stand-alone website). This payment commencing 4 weeks after the initial listing on Effectively a FREE TRIAL PERIOD for 4 weeks

The member may stop payment at any time and may offer the page to another man and van service in that town either following non payment for two months, or for any other reason. No reasons or notice for either action need be given by either party.

Stand-Alone Website

If a Member requires a stand-alone website as above, the weekly payment covers all ongoing costs such as hosting, email forwarding and contents of form forwarding.

There is a one-off charge of £47.00 for setting up the site, including form content and email forwarding. Any subsequent changes to the site will be charged at £20.00 however one change a month is cost free.

If the listing above ceases for any reason the stand-alone site may also be transferred to another local service.

The Member may also transfer both the listing and the stand-alone website to another firm for a one-off fee of £150.00. (In the event of the sale of his business/retirement for example)

NB. If a Member has own website and/or a Google Places listing, another website and/or Google Places listing will in effect:

      • Double the chances of a potential client contacting him for a quote
      • Reduce his competitors chances of being contacted

Join Us – Get Listed

1. Fill in the form

2. Sign up for automatic billing via PayPal (Use your PayPal Account or Credit Card)- payment commencing 4 weeks after initial listing (FREE TRIAL PERIOD). Click the button below and choose either a stand-alone website plus listing at £10 per week or without a stand-alone website £5 per week.

Choose Listing only or Listing + Stand-Alone Website

Call me with any queries – Stuart 0797 131 6550


We can show you, step by step, how to open a

  1. Twitter account so that you may keep in touch with other Members
  2. Google account to save your Man and Van photos (You will share one album with us so that we may add chosen images to your listing and/or website)
  3. Facebook account so that you may upload photos of your van and recent work etc. We link to these photos and publish them on your listing.
  4. Google Adwords Account so that we can manage an adwords campaign for you and kick start your account with FREE Google Vouchers (We are appointed Google Exchange Partners)


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