Free Collection and Delivery In Watford

Why Offer Free Collections and Deliveries In Watford?

In addition to operating a “Man and Van” business I also have another business helping people:DSC_0295

  1. Save money on everyday shopping
  2. Earning additional income helping others do the same

Members of the For sale Croxley & Watford and Ricky Facebook group are probably much like me and wish to save money when they can and earn more money when possible.

The cashback shopping business pays real cash, back to shoppers when they shop in Watford at stores like Tesco, B & Q and Halfords to name just a few. This is real cash paid weekly back to the shoppers bank account.

Shoppers can them make money and earn a second income showing others how to get cash. When these shoppers family and friends shop and get cash back the shopper earns a friendship bonus in the form of cash based on what their family and friends spend. This is how I can earn a second income and you can too.


On Anything You Buy Or Sell Through The Facebook Group

When you join me as DSC_0095a shopper I will collect and deliver anything you buy or sell through Facebook, FREE OF CHARGE, subject to just a few conditions.

  1. The collection and delivery must be within WD postcode areas
  2. One delivery or collection per household
  3. It is only a door to door service, i.e. no moving or furniture up or down stairs or within the house. (If you want help with this I may make a charge)
  4. Only on item per move or a single set of items i.e. Dining table and chairs. Bed with mattress.


When you join me at Lyoness as a shopper there is no charge and you can immediately start getting cash back on your everyday shopping in and around Watford and also start earning by showing others how they too can save money on their shopping.

My free collection and delivery offer is subject to the above and just a few conditions relating to becoming a shopper with Lyoness.

To see how this works, find out more about Lyoness and join me please click HERE.

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Van Rental in Watford

Van Rental in Watford

A cheaper way to rent a van in Watford is to hire our Luton van (with a tail lift) and driver on a hourly basis for just £25 an hour. Van rental in Watford can be cheaper by the hour.

Van Rental in Watford


Not only can this save you money but you will also save time by avoiding the collection and return of a rental van, nor will you have to make a detour to make sure the van has enough fuel to cover your journey.


We can Help you Move for just £25.00

If you want to move anything that won’t fit into your car, use our Man and Van Watford “hire a van and driver on an hourly basis” and save money. Rather than rent a van and driving yourself let us supply the van and driver while you take care of the packing, loading and unloading.

Van Rental in Watford


Call Stuart to discuss your move on 0797 131 6550


Our man and van removal services covers all areas of Watford, St Albans, Hemel Hempstead and North London. Recent moving jobs include collecting a new sofa from Laura Ashley in Berkhamstead and delivering it to Northwood, an eBay collection and delivery from Mill Hill, London to Harlow, Essex and delivering a boat to Shrewsbury for the BBC.

Our Services

  1. Van Rental in Watford – Driver and Van (No assistance with loading or unloading but free use of our equipment included) £25 an hour plus mileage charge. Minimum 2 hours then £5 for every 15 minutes or part 15 minutes thereafter.
  2. Man and Van Watford – Driver and Van removal service with assistance loading and unloading. £35 an hour (minimum 2 hours) plus mileage charge.
  3. 2 Men and Van Removal Service  – For help with house and flat moves or moving heavier items. Hourly rates depending on what needs moving and where too.

Tools to Help You Move

Pallet Truck for Van Rental Watford


Pallet truck – if you have pallets with goods or machinery already loaded and wrapped, or heavy storage boxes. The pallet truck together with our tail lift makes loading and unloading easy.


Van Rental in Watford Sack Barrow


 Sack Barrows – Make light work of moving boxes and small pieces of furniture. Plus we have a trolley of larger furniture.


Van Rental in Watford - Tail Lift

Tail Lift – The tail lift on our van make every move much easier and can left up to 500 kg in weight.  This is an ideal van for removals and general house moves with a completely flat floor with no wheel arches to get in the way. Also with the extra storage above the cab

Renting a Luton Van in Watford from Hirus costs £74 a day (with a tail lift) and we recommend Hirus for both the service and vans they offer and their rental prices. Check out their website. But we feel we offer a better alternative if you need a van for less than a full day.

Moving House the D.I.Y. Way

If you are looking to save money and considering doing your own house move and renting a van in Watford think of potential problems. You’ll need a deposit for your hire van and need to collect and drop off your hire van. You won’t have removal blankets (to protect your possessions), ties to secure them, a barrow to help with larger items or the experience to pack your hire van properly and safely.

    • For £150 we will supply our Luton Van with tail lift and an experienced driver. Removal blankets, ties and barrow.
    • You will have up to 7 hours and our driver will be in the back to assist and load your move properly, assuring you maximize load space, make sure that everything is securely blanketed and tied in and will drive the van to your new home.
    • We can supply you with boxes, paper, bubble wrap and tape at competitive prices whether we move you or not.

You will be responsible for any congestion charges or toll fees and parking fines (just as you would in a self drive hire van) but not for any potential damage to the vehicle. We also make a mileage charge to cover fuel (but we do not ask you to judge hove much fuel to put in the tank nor to visit the pumps which you’d need to do if you were hiring a van yourself.)

Call or text to discuss your move – 0797 131 6550

Van Rental in Watford Comparison

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Rent a Van in Watford

Rent a Van in Watford

If you wish to rent a van in Watford we offer an alternative to self drive hire which may save you money and time.

Fixed Price – £19 an Hour

Book us to help you move and you’ll know exactly how much you will be paying in advance. We charge for the time used at £19 for a full hour and £5 for every 15 minutes (or part of).

When you rent a van in Watford you do have options and before following the traditional van hire route you may wish to consider how we may help you. The illustration below may help you make up your mind.

Rent a Van in Watford

Our Vehicle Rent a Van in Watford with a tail lift

We supply a Ford Transit Luton Van with a tail lift which means moving your contents or belongings is easy. Heavy items can be moved to the rear or the van using our heavy duty sack barrow which can take 200 kgs weight and the tail lift can support up to 500 kgs.

St Albans Car and Van Hire offer a comprehensive car and van hire service and have been established since 1975. To see the full range of services visit their website. “St Albans Car and Van Hire where you can rent a tipper, minibus, lorry and even a car transporter. We also supply bubble wrap, boxes, sack barrows, straps, rope and even a sat. nav. In fact, everything you need to move house or transport goods.” 

Our Sack Barrow 

Rent a Van in Watford Sack BarrowWe supply a sack barrow as standard to help you move and can supply boxes and bubble wrap at an extra charge if required.

 “As the years roll on it is all the more important to think carefully before lifting and handling. This barrow is very easy to move from one mode to another. Wheels fit together with minimum of effort and the broad pneumatic tyres are easy to inflate. altogether a great bit of kit!”


Our Terms

Call us to help you move. We charge for the time spent with you starting from the moment we arrive at your pick up address to the time the last item is unloaded from the van. Our rates are £19 a hour and £5 per 15 minutes or part of 15 minutes. For example if we spend one hour 20 minutes the time charge would be £19 plus £10. Total £29.00

We supply a van and driver but DO NOT assist with any carrying or lifting. If you wish the driver to help with loading and unloading or a van and two men to help you move the charges are £35 and £45 an hour respectively.

Rent a Van in Watford No Fuel Worries

In much the same way as you will need to ensure you provide fuel when you hire and drive a van yourself, we also make a mileage charge for the return journeys between the pick up address and the delivery address.  The difference here is that you can forget about getting to a garage to put fuel in the tank or trying to judge the minimum amount to get the job done.


Rent a Van in Watford quote

Phone or Text – Stuart, for a Quote or a chat to discuss your move

07773 18 15 10

(It can help if you have the postcodes for both pick up and delivery addresses)


Finally, searching for a better way to rent a van in Watford our alternative to self drive hire may not only save you money, but also the time normally taken to collect a hired van and return it, especially if you are moving some distance away from Watford.

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House Clearance Hertfordshire

House Clearance Hertfordshire

You’ve searched for house clearance Hertfordshire and landed on this page and we’re sure you won’t be disappointed. We offer a sympathetic house clearance service if you need to clear the contents of a deceased relative’s home and where possible we will donate usable items to a local charity.

House Clearance Watford Hertfordshire


Phone for a Quote – Stuart – 0797 131 6550



When we help you clear these effects we will be sensitive and respectful and if you wish us to help a House Clearance Hertfordshireparticular charity we will do our best to oblige.

Charities are happy to accept items from a house clearance but have guidelines to follow and furniture from house clearance in Hertfordshire have to have a fire retardant label for example.

So where possible, we ensure your unwanted items go to a good use, local charities or someone who needs such items, before disposing of in landfill. This helps someone else and saves a little on the environment.

Save time and money

We offer a house clearance service from Watford and we will clear everything, legally disposing of waste items, leaving you with a property clear of items nobody wants. We offer a courteous and discreet service at all times which is never more important than in times of bereavement.

We understand that our clients want a professional, reliable and swift service that is highly competitive on price and is fully licensed, insured and compliant with EU and UK legislation. We also believe that our commitment to delivering the most environmentally friendly house clearance service available in Herts and Beds. We do not charge for distance traveled.

Our comprehensive house clearance service saves you time and money. And with us you won’t have to deal with a number of different companies when your requirements need a range of solutions.

Our house clearance service includes: – House Clearance Hertfordshire and Watford

  • House clearance / rubbish clearance / waste disposal
  • Removals, deliveries and storage
  • Securing Property (boarding up / locks, doors, windows fitted)
  • Photos of property emailed on completion
  • Property cleaning
  • Garden clearance / tidying
  • Contents acquisition (whole / part)
  • Document search (e.g. locating title deeds)
  • Advice on selling antiques / art
  • Cars removed / scrapped
  • Fully compliant with all UK and EU waste disposal legislation
  • Fully licensed and insured
  • All our prices are fully inclusive of all costs, so there are no hidden extras.


As the producer of your waste, you have a legal duty of care to ensure whoever removes your waste is registered with The Environment Agency. Failure to do so can result in both you and the illegal carrier being fined and receiving a criminal record. Further, if the carrier is not registered, they cannot legally dispose of your waste. We are registered for waste removal.


About Waste Carriers

Household Clearance Essex

House Clearance Hetfordshire

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House Clearance Watford

House Clearance Watford House Clearance Watford

House Clearance Watford specializes in house clearances in Watford and the surrounding areas, offering a sympathetic service removing anything and everything you need removed.

We are happy to help you dispose of a few bags of rubbish or just a couple of chairs you no longer need, or to help you clear a whole house of unwanted possessions, furniture or carpets and white goods. Whether you just need some clutter removed from your house, or are dealing with the emotionally difficult process of clearing out a deceased loved one’s personal effects, we can help you.


House ClearanceWe endeavor to recycle as much as possible and metal, wood, paper, glass and plastics are normally separated and by so doing we play our part in reducing the amount of waste that is sent to landfills. Waste disposal from Watford is normally taken to the nearest local authority recycling centre at Rickmansworth Household Waste Recycling Centre, Riverside Drive and in line with other waste disposal operatives we are obliged to pay a fee which is added to our hourly rates.


House Clearance Quote


Call For A Quote – Stuart 07773 18 15 10


 Clothing and Deceased’s effects House Clearance Watford

Some effects and clothing are much needed by charities and often it is preferable to donate them to a charity outside the boundaries of Watford and if this is your wish, we are happy to do this for you. We include the time taken for this service in our charges. Let us know how we can help you in this regard and we will include this service for you.  This ensures that the bogus clothes collectors are unable to take advantage and the charities receive the donations direct.

Money Saving Tips 1 and 2

If you only have a few items to dispose of why not ask a neighbour or friend to take them to the recycling centre for you. If you are prepared to wait for collection and can leave them for us to collect at a later date, we can reduce our charges and include your items in with another job close to you. (Please ask for details)

Watford Recycling Centre

There are two local Household Waste Recycling Centres (HWRCs), one in Watford and one in Rickmansworth, run by Herts County Council.

House Clearance WatfordThey accept a wide range of materials for recycling; are for household waste only and are open every day except Christmas day, Boxing day and New Year’s day.Waterdale Household Waste Recycling Centre, St. Albans Road, nr. Garston, WD25 0PR Rickmansworth Household Waste Recycling Centre, Riverside Drive, WD3 1BN We try to do our best, nearly two-thirds of all household rubbish can be recycled, saving energy and avoiding waste going to landfill. Find out how to recycle a wide range of goods – from batteries to clothes – and discover how recycling can help protect the environment by visiting the DirectGov website.

Money Saving Tip 3 – Don’t Get Fined

Disposing of waste in an environmentally friendly way is not cheap and if you are offered a cheap waste disposal service beware. You could face penalties of up to £5,000 if you don’t check that the company or person you give waste to has a licence to carry waste and is not taking it to an unlicensed site Read more and to find out how to check the company or person taking your waste, visit Use a registered waste carrier.

Money Saving Tip 4 – Local Charities 

House ClearanceSome local charities will collect unwanted items from you if they are salable  This does not mean they just have a value but upholstered furniture manufactured after 1950 must have a manufacturers label permanently attached which shows compliance with The Furniture and Furnishings (Fire) (Safety) Regulations 1988. This means that charities are unable to sell on all sofas, armchairs, pouffes etc. without such a label.

Check with a local charity near to you to see if they can help.

Peace Hospice Shops

174 Lower High Street


01923 221109


49 High Street

Town Centre,


01923 251 166


81 High Street

Town Centre,


01923 237 325

Save time and money

Our comprehensive house clearance Watford service saves you time and money. And with us you won’t have to deal with a number of different companies when your requirements need a range of solutions.

Our house clearance services include: –

  • House clearance / rubbish clearance / waste disposal
  • Removals, deliveries and storage
  • Securing Property (boarding up / locks, doors, windows fitted)
  • Property cleaning
  • Garden clearance / tidying
  • Cars removed / scrapped
  • Fully compliant with all UK and EU waste disposal legislation
  • Fully licensed and insured

All our prices are fully inclusive of all costs, so there are no hidden extras.

House Clearance Watford

Call For A Quote – Stuart 07773 18 15 10


House Clearance Watford

Incoming search terms:

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Man and Van Watford

Man and Van Watford

Our Man and Van Watford offers a friendly and reliable Man and Van service in Watford. If you have anything to be moved to or from Watford our man and van removal and delivery service can help you. Large or small, local or National removals at affordable prices, call now and can find out now how we can help you.
Man and Van Watford Phone for a Quote

Phone Stuart for a Quote 

0797 131 6550


Prices – No Waiting Quote – No Surprises

We will try to keep your costs down and offer you a choice of hourly rates for DIY movers, man and van or man and two men, or a fixed price quoting in advance. Man and Van removal prices are calculated on a variety of considerations such as how many floors are Man and Van Watfordthe items to be moved to and from. Carrying boxes to the second floor, without a lift, naturally involves more work than moving them into a ground floor bungalow for example. But the costs are mainly based on the hours spent and distance traveled.

Our aim at Man and Van in Watford is to make your move as easy and stress free as possible. If you are moving just a few boxes from Watford to another part of Watford or to the other end of the Country, the service is the same, designed to make your experience a happy one. You will know our prices before we start and you’ll only pay what we quote you.


Self Storage Units Recently Visited Collecting & Delivering For Customers (Click the Images to View)

Two man Crew 

We will either help you move and load our van with you, or if the job needs two men and you prefer to leave it up to us we will supply extra help in the form of another man. If you have the contents of a large house to move we can supply extra help in the form of another van and extra men to help.

24/7 Service for Watford Residents

Man and Van Watford at Big Yellow

We can collect and deliver at any time to suit you. Weekend moves are charged at the same price as weekday moves and deliveries. Short notice moves are often possible, if your move is from Watford and you need to get things done fast give us a call. If we are nearby and available we will help you out.

Advance Bookings

If you are planning ahead and don’t want to leave anything to chance, call us. We will give you a price and book you in. It doesn’t matter if you move is next week, next month or next year, we will take a small deposit via paypal (you can pay this by credit card using paypal) and you can count on us being there, and on time.


Collecting small or large items from Watford and delivery to any local or national location with prices based on hourly charges and distance traveled. Our prices are fixed and our minimum price is just £35.


If you need a Man and Van Watford to deliver one, or any number of items  for you call us. Book in advance or call us for short notice work if you are in a hurry. Our prices are the same for both.

Light Removals.

Moving the contents of a bedsit or flat we can supply 2 men if you wish or we can help you move with just a driver and van.

House Clearances

Large or small house clearances undertaken. Rubbish disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner and this usually involves an extra charge to our normal rates due to the fees Watford  local authority make for waste disposal.

Civic Amenity and Recycling centre

There are two local Household Waste Recycling Centres (HWRCs), one in Watford and one in Rickmansworth, run by Herts County Council.

They accept a wide range of materials for recycling; are for household waste only and are open every day except Christmas day, Boxing day and New Year’s day. Waterdale Household Waste Recycling Centre, St. Albans Road, nr. Garston, WD25 0PR 

Rickmansworth Household Waste Recycling Centre, Riverside Drive, WD3 1BN   Other usable contents are recycled in the best way, often by delivering them to a Watford charity.

Store pick ups.

New furniture such as beds, wardrobes, cupboards and garden furniture can be picked up direct from the store, (Ikea, B&Q, Ebay) for you and if you wish we will also assemble it for you and dispose of the packing material. Just ask us for a quote.

Single items, partial or full loads.Man and Van Watford freezer delivery

No job is too small or large, With a luton van items such as a fridge freezer that needs to stand upright, can. More height in the van means we can move more for you in one trip which saves time, and saves you money.

Single, return or multi trips.

We don’t mind how many trips we make for you. Just one or many more, you pay for what you get in terms of our time and distance traveled. Giving you the best price for your removal.

Man and Van Watford Boat DeliveryLocal or National.

We are happy to take on removal work anywhere in the UK. Just around Watford locally or from Watford to Lands End or John O’groats, we don’t mind.

The picture on the left is the boat we transported  to Shrewsbury for the BBC. which was subsequently burnt on BBC 2′s Absolute Genius with Dick and Dom.

Second or third man available upon request.

If moving your contents requires 2 or 3 men we can oblige. In general terms add £10 per man to our hourly rate. That’s all.

Motor Bike Delivery Man and Van WatfordMotorcycle / Scooter / Bicycle collection & delivery service.

Need your bike picked up or delivered to servicing, Man and Van Watford is the ideal way to transport it. (inside the van, secure and sheltered from the weather.) Our van with the tail lift man light work of getting one two or more bike on board easy and safe. Choose us for motorbike delivery.

Man and Van Watford removals Reviewed by Andy and Becky on Jan 6. Great time keeping and helpful! Man and Van Watford helped us move from a top floor flat in Aylesbury to our new house in Watford. The price was right and our move was much easier thanks to Danny and Stuart. Rating: 5 stars. Excellent

Man and Van Watford Reviews

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Man and Van in Watford

Man and Van in Watford

Man and Van Watford outside Big Yellow Storage Watford

Outside Big Yellow Storage Watford

Looking for a reliable, friendly and economical Man and Van in Watford? We’ll help you move just a few boxes or the contents of a whole house or flat, to or from Watford, Rickmansworth, Bushey or anywhere on Hertfordshire to or from anywhere in the UK.

Keeping Your Costs Down

Our rates are based mainly on the time we spend helping you move, so the better prepared you are the quicker we’ll move you and the lower your costs.

Hire the van with a driver. We supply the driver, the van and tools such as a sack barrow and dolly and the van has a side door and tail lift at the rear. Everything to make your move as easy and stress free as possible.

No Minimum Charge

Unlike some other man and van firms we do not have a minimum charge, but to be fair to you we will estimate the time your job is likely to take and set aside this time solely for you.

For example, if we feel your job will take 2 hours we will set aside this time for you and not take any conflicting bookings. We will charge you for two hours and any time over the two hours will be pro rata at the current rate.

In addition to these rates we apply a mileage charges and congestion or toll fees if applicable and may also add a specialty charge if your move involves such things as extra heavy items, difficult access or carriage to upper floors without the use of a lift.

Man and Van in Watford phone for a quote

 Call or Text Stuart for a Quote

0797 131 6550

Man and Van Watford Pond

Top Money Saving Tip

Prepare  for your move well in advance by packing correctly. It will pay you to buy boxes to store or transport your belongings in because, not only are they easier to move but they can be stacked in the van and loaded and unloaded quicker. 2 or 3 boxes will fit onto the sack barrows, again making it quicker and safer.

Things you are not likely to use for a couple of weeks prior to moving can be packed in advance and placed ready to be moved in the corner of a living room on the ground floor, rather than on a bedroom. Again saving time on the moving day.

Boxes and packing material can be bought online (see “Packing Boxes” ad above) or bought and collected from Big Yellow in Watford.

Q & A – Man and Van in Watford

Man and Van Watford Q   You promote your service here as man and van in Watford, does this mean you are based in Watford?

A   Yes, the business is listed with Google in Google Places: Kingsfield Road, Oxhey, Watford.

Q   How long have you been trading?

A   As a local man and van service in Watford for over 4 years

Q  What area do you normally collect from?

A   Usually from Watford, Bushey and Rickmansworth, but we are happy to collect and deliver anywhere in North and West London and all of Herts. We also do a lot of work in Essex

Q  How do you calculate your rates?

A  Every job is different but we aim to be fair to our customers and look for recommendations so we base our rates on the time spent help you move plus a mileage fee.

Q   So when does the timing start?

A   We start timing from arrival at the pick up (moving from) address

Q   Is there a minimum charge?

A   No, we do not make a minimum charge.

Q   Why do you use a Luton Van?

  The reason we use a Luton van is because the inside height is higher than a transit for example. This means we can transport fridge-freezer in an upright position as we can with wardrobes etc. The van also has a tail lift and side door which makes moving you easier.

Q   What sort of jobs do you do?

  All sorts, from house clearance and disposing of the contents in the best way, such as when possible taking re-usable items to local charity shops and other jobs which may be collecting flat pack furniture from stores, and then assembling it for the customer.

Q  Do you work weekends?

A  Yes, weekends and evenings and not only that, we do not charge extra for weekend or evening work Comments for Man and Van in Watford are open and we welcome reviews and comments from customers. Please let us know how you found the service by using the form below. Links – manandvanwatford.info

Man and Van Watford Pond

Incoming search terms:

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